Learn the Winning Approach – The ANNIKA Academy ELITE Training Program is specifically designed to help aspiring golfers achieve their goals on the golf course, in the classroom and in life. ELITE Athletes receive golf instruction and coaching that showcases Annika’s “Winning Approach” philosophy, and teaches them how to apply it to achieve competitive success. Our instructors cultivate individualized, powerful, body-friendly golf swings with each of their students. Coaches identify swing faults and administer customized drills to build a consistent golf swing.

A swing-specific fitness program is designed and overseen by our expert instructors so power developed in the gym will be transferred to the golf course. ELITE Athletes receive mental training and counseling from instructors who have competed professionally and know what it takes to motivate and support high school, collegiate and professional athletes. Annika participates in select mental training sessions  creating a unique opportunity unmatched by any other golf academy.

Our ELITE Training Program is a rigorous program for players seeking greater success at the high-school/college level or  in their professional golf career. The program is available to male and female athletes and can be administered on a weekly, monthly, seasonal or annual basis. Please contact our Academy to discuss the ELITE Training Program options available to you.

Sample “Your 59″ Mental Training Video


Elite Program Features (4:1 Athlete to instructor ratio)

GOLF INSTRUCTION Customized Golf Training for each Elite Athlete.
Full swing instruction
Short game instruction
Course Management, Rules & Etiquette
Tournament Preparation
Golf with the ANNIKA Academy Team
Mental Training with ANNIKA SORENSTAM Elite Instructors
GOLF TECHNOLOGY V1 Swing Analysis: Film and analyze your swing before, during and after your training program
CPC: Callaway Performance Center uses CPAS, a camera-based system to fit you with clubs that follow your swing
Flight Scope: Doppler radar technology for ball testing, measuring club distance or develop wedge training
K Vest: 3D animated training tool that measures efficiency, speed and rotation in your swing
FITNESS & NUTRITION Customized Fitness and Nutrition Training every week.
Initial personalized wellness assessment with Kai Fusser
Individualized Fitness Program
Monthly Fitness & Nutrition Evaluations
TOURNAMENT PLAY Personalized schedule of recommended tournaments
Participate in non-AJGA rated tournaments to build basic competition skills
Accumulate stars required to play in AJGA tournaments
Graduate to AJGA tournaments
Ten hours monthly of on-course Instructor observation
RESORT PRIVILEGES Practice Facility: full membership to the Reunion Resort. Access to driving ranges, short game areas and the members area
Golf Courses: Unlimited use of 3 signature golf courses, green fees and cart fees included
Fitness Center: Unlimited use of Reunion Resort Fitness Center