Chantale B.  – Driver Fitting

Before Club Fitting After Club Fitting Change Details
Club Head Speed (mph) 68.8 77.8 13.1% Selecting the right driver for Chantale’s swing was so important that by changing to a much lighter club with greater loft, she was able to gain, on average, 32 more yards!
Ball Speed 89.9 113 14.7%
Distance 194 yds 226 yds 16.5%
Efficiency 87% 97% 11.5%

Chantale was able to increase her club head speed and ball speed dramatically with a Callaway driver that is much lighter in overall weight and has more loft than her original driver, resulting in much greater efficiency and therefore distance. Ideal efficiency with a driver is when the ball speed equals one and a half times the club head speed. New driver gave her THIRTY-TWO more yards!

Alec P.  – Iron Fitting

Before Club Fitting After Club Fitting Change Details
Club Head Speed (mph) 79.2 77.2 -2.6% By selecting clubs better suited for Alec’s swing, he was able to gain more distance and accuracy while using less power, resulting in a more efficient swing.
Ball Speed 106.1 107.9 1.7%
Side Angle 1.7 1 40.4%
Accuracy -4.7 yds -2.8 yds 40.4%
Distance 154 yds 168 yds 9.1%
Efficiency 89% 93% 4.5%

Alec’s old irons were too light and he felt like he had to swing really hard to create power. The Callaway clubs gave him more ‘feel’ for the club head resulting in a smoother and more balanced swing which generates more ball speed and therefore perfect efficiency (ratio between club heads speed and ball speed). He is also 41% better with his direction due to a vastly improved side angle (direction the ball leaves the club face at impact) from 1.7 degrees right to 1 degree right.


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