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All Callaway Tour Professionals utilize CPAS to ensure that the equipment they are using is the most efficient for their particular swing dynamics. Every golf swing is different and therefore everyone’s equipment needs are different. CPAS is also a useful teaching aid. Measurements of path, attack, and launch angles can give a player of any level the ability to see exactly what is happening at the fastest point of the golf swing which then can be analyzed and used to correct swing faults.This is the same technology that helped Annika and countless others reach their full potential, and not be limited by their clubs.

What: The ANNIKA Academy is one of a select few Callaway Performance Centers. Each CPC features the Callaway Performance Analysis System (CPAS) which is a dual camera based 3D launch monitor system that will measure your club head and golf ball speeds, launch angle, back-spin, side angle, club path and attack angles. CPAS is the same technology that Callaway Golf utilizes for R&D testing as well as club fitting for our PGA TOUR and LPGA professionals. Our Callaway Golf trained Specialists will analyze and interpret all of your CPAS numbers and select the appropriate Callaway golf equipment to match you and ultimately maximize your potential.

How: Your fitting will occur indoors in a state-of-the-art fitting bay. The system measures more aspects of a golf shot than any other launch monitor system. The bay uses Two high speed cameras and advanced proprietary software to provide extremely accurate information on the player, the club head and the ball throughout the swing. The computer will display your launch conditions- ball speed, launch angle and spin rates. This information is invaluable for the optimal fitting of golf clubs.

Callawat Performance Center 3The fitting process identifies which head and shaft combination maximizes distance, accuracy and consistency for every type of golfer. Our fit bay utilizes 3D imagery and precision software developed by Callaway’s R&D department with purpose to testing the equipment of the future. A custom fitting session include woods, irons, and hybrids.

The Callaway Golf fitting bay was designed and installed for the purpose of fitting Callaway Golf clubs. However, the fitting bay can also be used to help customers understand their swing and optimal specifications regardless of the clubs they are currently playing or are interested in testing. All players will receive a specification sheet for Callaway Golf clubs.

Where: The ANNIKA Academy is located at the west side of the driving range at the Reunion Resort & Club, a Wyndham Grand Resort, Orlando, Florida.

Time: Fittings take one and a half hours. Please call 1-888-266-4522 to make your appointment.

Staff: Our Professional staff has been extensively trained by Callaway Golf to get the most out of this system and give players unprecedented insight into their swing and equipment needs.


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