Have you ever wondered about the efficiency of your golf swing? Now you have a chance to see the results translated to numbers using the K-Vest at the ANNIKA Academy. Instructors Mark Bereza and Charlotta Sorenstam are the only Level 2 K-Vest Certified instructors in the Central Florida area, and are sure to find all the tweaks you need to perfect your swing.

Using strategically placed sensors on a player’s upper back, lower spine and left hand, the K-Vest will monitor the following aspects of a golf swing:

• AlignmentK-Vest In Action
• Posture
• Hip and shoulder turn
• Hip pivot at the top of the backswing
• Hip bend and tilt during the swing
• Spine movement during the swing

Using the K-Vest our instructors are able to pinpoint particular areas of a player’s golf swing that will need to be improved in order to succeed.

Annika uses the K-Vest to improve her game, so why wouldn’t you?

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