The FlightScope Kudu is a phased array Doppler tracking Radar unit that we use for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Annika Academy Flight ScopeOutdoors the FlightScope Kudu tracks the ball for the entire trajectory in 3D (elevation angles, horizontal angles and velocity ) until it lands, or as far as the ball is in the radar field of view. Accuracy for carry distance is typically within 2-4 yards at 250 yards and within 1-2 yards at 150 yards. Spin is measured directly and shot shape, which relates to the side spin, is measured directly and not calculated like with launch monitors.

Indoors the FlightScope Kudu measures the ball until it is stopped by the hitting net/screen. The longer the ball travels, the better the accuracy, and spin is measured directly by applying a small dimple-size sticker onto each ball.

The FlightScope Kudu tracks the club movement in 3D, for both indoors and outdoors, without having to put anything onto the club. Not only does FlightScope Kudu measure club head speed at impact, it also measures the club head speed profile throughout the strike zone. Furthermore, it measures the angle of attack in both vertical and horizontal directions.

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