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You deliver a really great product from start to finish, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
– Kim Campbell


I came to the academy on my vacation and I LOVED IT! I’ve been using the skills [I learned] and I’ve been scoring much better.
– Makenna Jones, age 12


This was an experience of a lifetime for me. I will never forget this time and what it did for my golf game and for me as a person. Thanks to you all at the academy.
– Mike Crews


… my initial reaction to the phrase “boutique”. When I first read that I thought that certainly some slick marketing move was afoot to separate me from my money.  It wasn’t until I was standing on the range with my pyramid of golf balls that I realized ‘Ah, I am going to be treated just the same as any of the pro’s or high-level amateurs that train here.’ After three days with the team it was clear that all who love the game of golf will be given equal consideration even if our playing abilities vary.
– John Morrison


“Because of my experiences at the ANNIKA Academy, I have truly reshaped and I am hitting the ball a LOT farther and now I am addicted and won’t give up my weight workout. I just wanted to let you know you made a difference in my life. I golf 3 to 4 times a week and I walk with caddies at least 3 times a week. I would never been able to do this without the workout and nutrition elements the ANNIKA Academy offers.”
– Jan McDonald


“When I came to the Academy, I was on the verge of having my handicap rise to the highest that it had been in over a decade. It was right around 4.4. My last revision is down to 1.9. I have really had a lot of fun working on the game thanks to you and Henri. My sand play has been light years better. One round last week I got up and down out of greenside bunkers 3 times out of 3. We won’t talk about why I was in those bunkers…
– Jim Romano


“The ANNIKA Academy™ is an amazing facility that feels more like a spa than a golf school. Annika and her personal coaches offer a first class experience for golf and fitness enthusiasts of all skill levels. I have known Annika for years, and I know that her dedication combined with the experience they offer, will make her Academy very successful.
– Natalie Gulbis – LPGA Title Winner


“I just can’t say enough good things about my experience at The ANNIKA Academy™. It is a first class operation from top to bottom. It is designed to make you feel really special no matter what level of golf skill you possess. Everyone treats you like you are part of Annika’s family and that treatment continues long after your instruction is over. Aside from the birth of my children and the marriage to my husband, my experience at The ANNIKA Academy™ was the greatest of my life.”
– Helen DeMartini


“Annika has created the perfect recipe for anyone’s golf game and overall well being: Take one of the best women golfers ever, add in her personal swing and fitness coaches, then combine that with her dedicated family and attentive, caring support team all set in spectacular resort setting. On the numerous occasions that I have returned to The ANNIKA Academy™ I always receive the warmest of welcomes and when I leave my golf game is well nourished!”
– Susan Blauvelt


“I would recommend this to anyone who wants the finest instruction, the most comprehensive view of golf, a life-changing perspective on health, and a first class environment. I can’t think of any school that offers this combination of total perspective and premier instruction.”
– Pat Bryant


“Henri is easy going, funny, and ever-patient no matter what your level of golf. Both Kai and Henri have made me realize what focus and dedication can do to enrich our health and our golf games.”
– Suzanne Ashton


“It has been just over a week since I returned home following three extraordinary days at the ANNIKA Academy™. I had been anticipating my visit to the Academy ever since you first announced your intention to create it, and I am pleased to say that every aspect of my visit exceeded my very high expectations. You truly have created a world-class experience and I wish you tremendous success as your greater vision unfolds.”
– Mark Brickell


“From beginning to end it’s an an amazing experience. The staff immediately makes you feel at home and welcome. I’d only played golf about seven times in my life. Charlotta was my instructor and all of us gained so much in friendship and in our golf game. My eight year old twins and I now have that love of the game that Annika has — we play golf together, we watch golf together — it’s wonderful that we now have this passion that we can share with each other.”
– Angie Damon


The most beautiful birthday gift of my life!!!! A brief note to summarize the most exciting and inspiring experience of my life…..Thanks to the Holiday Season, I found myself the only participant of the Academy…A God sent gift and a long time dream of playing with one of the best golfers of all times! I knew one day my dream would come true, but little did I know it would be with Annika at her own Academy!!! I was impressed by the Academy’s holistic approach to golf, combining fitness, nutrition, swing drills and course management. Everything was well thought out and orchestrated: from the first day introduction of the team and the Academy’s vision with Charlotta, to Kai’s fitness and nutritional program, Henri’s creative coaching and drills, Mark’s club fitting, love my new powerful Callaway clubs, Pam’s gentleness, etc. My last day was also memorable, lunch and clinic with Annika, a very genuine and inspiring person heartily eager to share her passion and knowledge…The ambiance at the Academy was also very special, I was treated like a real princess; I’m still moved by my experience and will cherish it all my life! Many thanks to a great team!!!
– Denise Rolland


Please pass along to the entire Annika team how much I appreciate all that each of them have added to my game. My time at the academy was the beginning of my journey toward winning a club championship!
– Jane Carr


I wanted to get in touch with you and give everyone at the Annika Academy an update. I finished up my last season of high school golf in October and I committed to play college golf at Grand Valley State University next year. Grand Valley is division two but they are a contender at the national championship every year. I love everything about it, it’s about three hours away from home, has a beautiful campus, great golf facilities and I get along really well with the coach and team. I’m super excited to spend four years there. My senior year golf season was an exciting one. I played in 11 tournaments against the best girls in the state; I had four 1st place finishes four 2nd place finishes a 3rd, a 4th and a 6th. I finished with a season average of 77.2 which is 31 strokes better than my freshmen year average 108. In four years I went from never breaking 100 to a career best 68 at the conference championship to tie the school record. To top it all off I was a unanimous pick to the all-state supper team (which is the top eight girls in the state of Michigan). I have wanted this so badly and there is nothing like that feeling knowing I have reached my goals especially after everything I have been through. I cannot wait for the snow to go away so I can get back out on the course but in the mean time I am working with a coach and hitting balls inside. I want to give a huge thanks to Annika and everyone at the academy for supporting me. It can only get better from here!
– Molly Esordi


I brought in a top executive management team from around the gulf coast for a half day event at the ANNIKA Academy. These are the best dollars I’ve spent on any “consulting” like event. It is something they all loved, from a 36 handicap to my scratch!
– American National Insurance


Thank you for one of the best vacations we have ever had.
– J. Watson


[I shot] 5 birdies in the first 2 rounds after leaving the ANNIKA Academy. I had 5 birdies total all of last year!
Jo-Anne Hammond


My wife, Marlyse, attended the Academy last spring and today shot her lowest score ever, an 82. Her game has improved tremendously since spending time with your wonderful staff at the Academy last year.  Thanks so much for improving her game so much!
– Ken Jones


I want to thank everyone for the wonderful class I was in just over a month ago. With properly fitted equipment and great instruction from Henri and Mark, I had my first-ever eagle on Friday.
– Chuck DeCamp



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